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Integrated Dropship eCommerce Websites

We are delighted to be able to offer out of the box ecommerce websites for Nutribl clients who want to save time and money on excess workload. Integrated websites come fully loaded with Nutribl products and are fully flexible to allow you to add your own lines, as well as remove any of ours you don't want. 

Full product information will be pushed from Nutribl to your website. This will include descriptions, images and any other tags for allergies etc. Any new products added to our stock catalogue will automatically appear on your site if you have label designs for them.

Automatic Live Inventory & Order Management

Live Inventory data will be sent to your website for all Nutribl products. This will be held in a separate inventory pool to your own stock. At the point of dispatch, you will be able to choose whether you ship from your own inventory, or, ship from the Nutribl inventory pool (i.e. dropship). If you ship from the Nutribl stock pool then a dropship order will be sent to Nutribl without any manual input from you.

Once the order has been shipped, for a dropship order, a notification will be sent to your website to complete the order. Your customers will then get an order shipped email notification. For orders that you have dispatched from your own inventory pool, the order will be marked as complete and the notification will go out in the same fashion.

High-level overview of ecommerce Platform

- The platform has been downloaded more than 2.5 million times, with more than 50,000 live shops built on it.
- It uses the latest Microsft .net MVC technology
- It has a responsive design for mobile device support
- Features a product catalogue that you can add your own products to and allows product categorisation
- Is inherently search engine friendly
- Has anonymous checkout support
- Includes GDPR support
- Is fully secure with an SSL certificate installed
- Has phone order support
- Features a rewards and coupon system
- Incorporates VAT handling
- Offers a choice of payment gateways including Sagepay, Paypal, Worldpay and more
- The solution offers a choice of templates, all of which are customisable to your brand
We would be able to set up a website for your business for a one off fee of £1995. This would include all of the above and would give you full control of what was sold on your website, with the added bonus of being integrated to the Nutribl systems, thus minimising your workload and ensuring an enhanced experience for your customers.

Please Note: These websites will be developed and managed by our external development team so you would be invoiced by and deal directly with them should you decide to proceed with an integrated website.

Additional Enhanced Function Options

As well as the standard set up we will also be offer a couple of additional enhanced function options

1. Amazon seller central integration so that all Amazon orders flow back into your ecommerce site. You can send these direct from your website to Nutribl for dropship or fulfil yourself - £100 one off setup

2. Subscription module for enabling customers to subscribe to periodic deliveries without having to come back to your website. So you could allow them to setup a monthly order for example which goes through automatically each month - £250 one off setup

You can take these additional options at the time of website set up or add them at a later time if you wish.

Support & Infrastructure

To cover the cost of hosting and support there would be a monthly fee of £50 per month. This would include:

- A helpdesk ticketing system to send queries/requests
- Hosting of the site with a yearly renewal of SSL certificates

Get in touch if you want more details.