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Develop and Expand Your Own Supplement Brand

By developing and expanding your own branded range of health supplements you can stand out from your competitors and increase your profit margins

Ownership of your own range of branded products also enhances your professional standing, adding prestige to your business and allow you to stand out as an expert in your field. The best part is we make it ridiculously easy for you to do:

private label supplements We design a new label for you or supply your own artwork if you prefer. *
private label supplements We add the product text to your label design for the products you want. **
private label supplements You place your order and we will ship it promptly.
private label supplements Need product images? We can do supply high resolution 3D professional images the same as you see on our retail website but with your labels on. **
private label supplements If you prefer white label so you can label the products yourself then we can do that too.
private label supplements Don't want to tie up your cash flow? No problem - we can dropship your orders as you get them.
private label supplements No minimum orders + No contracts = unbelievable value!

* Small one-off fee label design applies.
** Small one-off fee per product label applies. This includes a free product image with your label design for you to use to market your product.

How Does It Work?

You can be up and running with your own range of private labelled supplements in no time. Just follow 3 simple steps:

Step 1 - Label Creation

Either send us your own artwork or have us design a new label for you. When we can create a new design for you it will be custom made to match your brand and specifications. We will use your logo and if you don't have a logo we can also create one for you.

** If you wish to create your own labels then please refer to our label guidelines. You can read them or download them here:

Most of our supplements come in flat postal bottles which are for ideal for both reduced shipping costs and improved storage. They also fit through letter boxes much easier than traditional cylinder bottles.

These postal bottles we use require 2 labels per product - one for the front and one for the back. You will therefor need a front and back label design for each product that you wish to private label.

private label supplements

Once we have your artwork template in place we need to roll it out across the individual products you wish to sell in your label. There is a small one off set-up fee per product line you wish to have in your label. This covers the cost of having our designer map the product text and your company details etc to your template for that product. We will also provide a professional high quality finished product image to allow you to begin marketing your products immediately. You can order product set up here.

Upon approval by you we will upload your product labels into our system. This will mean that when you place orders for products your label will automatically be allocated to the appropriate products in your order. This allows us to print the labels for you quickly on site whenever you order.

You can see a full list of artwork and design services we provide here.

Step 2 - Order The Products You Want

Place your order of the supplements you want from our private label range. You can add as many products as you wish in your range as long as you have provided or had us create your artwork. 

There are no minimum orders for private label stock but we do charge a small shipping fee per order which is based on the order weight.

Alternatively you may prefer not to buy your stock up front - in which case our dropship service might be of interest to help grow your business with no investment up front?

Labels in any language

We offer you theoption to provide your own label artwork featuring the language of yourchoice.

Step 3 - Sit Back & Let Us Build Your Brand

Once your labels are designed and your products ordered we will begin to put together your order. We will print your new labels, apply them to the products you have ordered and ship them off to you. Within a couple of days you will receive your brand new range of own label supplements.

Need Product Images?Private Label Supplement Image

If you need images of your Own Label products for your website, advertising materials etc, we can generate these for you! See the example on the right...

The advantage of these images is that they are quick to produce and the exact same quality of image can be replicated for each product. 

It also helps that you don't have to spend a fortune on a product photographer. We provide one of these images for you for free with each product you take in private label.

Please note that we will provide an image for you for free during label set up. However we are just making you aware of this image service in case you want other images providing.

Let Own Label Supplements Boost Your Business

Still not convinced that private label is for you? Here are a few more reasons you should give it a try!

Reason 1 - Prestige & Brand Identity

Being able to present customers with your own range of products not only inspires confidence in your business, products and services; it also helps to build brand recognition in the marketplace, so that your products can be differentiated more easily from those of your competitors.

What's more, having control over product names and the general look of your labels means that you can target specific markets and align the branding to your existing or desired customer base and industry.

Reason 2 - Customer Loyalty and Increased Sales

Your own labels promote stronger customer recognition and loyalty, an essential step in establishing, building and maintaining your hard-earned customer base. Personalised labels, with your own contact details (including web address etc) leads to a higher level of repeat business.

Reason 3 - Bigger Profit Margins

By carrying unique product labels, you don't have to worry about customers making same-brand price comparisons and can therefore set your own re-sale prices. This freedom often equals higher profit margins.

Reason 4 - Ideal for Small Businesses and Start-Ups

Small companies and business start-ups often lack the resources required to formulate, manufacture and/or package the products they want to sell. Such costs can be prohibitive, and yet they want to enter the market as a unique business.

Own Label is the perfect solution, when accompanied by a no minimum order policy and a small set-up costs such as ours! We will even dropship your own label orders direct to your customers at no extra product charge - just a small postage fee.

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