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Product Development

Nutribl offer a bespoke New Product Development (NPD) Service that was created due to demand from customers who wanted to offer something different for their business. It is open to all customers who can meet the MOQs on custom manufacturing runs. 

The MOQ for custom orders depends on the materials used and the format required for the product. We usually work on MOQs 60,000 - 100,000 capsules/tablets depending on the formulation (or 1000 units depending on which comes last). Pouches, sachets and blister packing is an MOQ of 2500 finished units. These MOQs are a rough guide and will also depend on the product specification and materials required. 

The NPD team will work with you to develop your own product, taking into account your brand vision, ideas and ethos. This is coupled with an in-depth knowledge of the safety and regulatory environment surrounding food supplement formulation. We can offer labelling support, marketing know-how, industry understanding and commercial sense to help create your ideal new product.

Human Product Development

For human supplements the head of our NPD service is a registered Nutritionist MBANT, with 15 years experience in the neutraceutical industry, with membership of The British Association for Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine (BANT), the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC), and the Health Food Manufacturers Association (HFMA) together with its Primary Authority Partner (Surrey & Bucks Trading Standards).

In developing your products our team can take into account special requirements, including vegan society and soil association organic registration.

Pet Product Development

Our lead pet nutritionist has been a canine and feline nutritionist for over 12 years, helping clients and their pets all over the globe. Alison's knowledge, forward thinking and ability mean she can create solutions for a wide range of pet health issues.

Alison trained in Sydney, Australia and started off in human applied science, training in functional medicine and developing food supplements for the health sector upon completion of her degree in 2007. Alison’s passion of natural sciences soon spilled over into pets after training as a small animal companion nutritionist and completing her studies in Australia in 2008. Alison’s area of interest in epigenetics and nutrigenomics takes her consultancy to another level focusing on some very specific issues that seem to arise in genetics for a lot of unwell pets and particular breeds.

Getting Started

The New Product Development process offered by Nutribl is a thorough yet streamlined process. Once you give us the green light we will work quickly to understand your requirements and give you the support you need to get your product to market quickly.

If done right New Product Development requires diligence and expertise. To that end it is a costly service to offer. As such we need to enter any projects in partnership and thus request a one-off development fee for each product line we work with you on:

Human NPD - £250 per product line
Pet NPD - £500 per product line

Any formulas created will be yours to manage so there will be no obligation to create a manufacturing order for the product through Nutribl - though obviously we hope you will progress to order through us.