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Private Label Supplements

Private label products are those manufactured by one company (us) for sale under another company's brand (you). Private labelling has several important advantages as a business approach, especially for those businesses looking to develop long term brand identity and sustainable growth.

Although private label supplements is our core business, we like to think that Nutribl offer far more than supplements with fancy labels on them. At Nutribl we are with you from design concept right through to product launch, offering almost everything else in between. Whatever you need to make your vision a reality, we can help you!


Being able to present customers with your own range of products inspires confidence in your business, products and services. It offers something distinct to your customers, helping to build brand recognition in your marketplace, so that your products can be differentiated more easily from those of your competitors. Done well, a private label supplement will drive sales, boost repeat purchases and create customer loyalty.


A loyal customer base is a major ingredient in making a business successful. Offering high-quality products with an effective message and design concept, you create and attachment between your brand and your customers - meaning they will come back to you when it is time to re-order!


Another advantage private label branding can provide is the opportunity to become a wholesaler of your own brand. As a wholesaler, you’ll be able to offer limited access to other retailers and potentially benefit premium acquisition costs for the right to sell your brand. Not only does this generate more income, it will also help promote your brand to a wider market.


Carrying uniquely labelled private label brands offers higher profit margins compared to resale products. You don't have to worry about customers making price comparisons and can create your own message and price structure. Choose your own markets, your own distribution channels and your own strategy. You are only limited by your imagination!

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