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Labels & Printing

At Nutribl we can offer a wide range of print and finishing for your labels. To allow maximum flexibility the majority of the labels we print are done in-house as we need them. However, for those looking to order higher stock volumes and looking for different print options we can provide alternative options.


Nutribl fulfilment utilises 2 Epson C7500G industrial level printers to print labels as we need them. Printing in-house negates the need to have labels for every product and every client in storage. Our team can literally print 1 label or 10,000 labels – which is a big factor in us being able to offer zero minimum order quantity and dropshipping on stock private label products.

The Epson C7500G was the winner of the ColorWorks Partner of the year 2018 and 2019 and provides a quality and reliable print. It offers print speeds of up to 300mm/sec at image resolution of 600x1200dpi and we predominantly use a gloss label finish.

Whilst we are not a print specialist the labels we print in-house are of high quality and this is the preferred option for most of our clients.

For those wanting something different we can outsource printing, but these would be restricted to higher volume stock orders as label printing externally would be subject to MOQs. Please also note that we only cost for standard labels in our product pricing so different options will incur additional product costs.

If you want something different to our in-house labels then we can offer some more bespoke options below that will be produced externally and thus subject to higher MOQs - please contact us with your requirements and we will try and find a viable solution for you.

Metallic Finish

Metallic labels can offer different opportunities to make your labels stand out, ranging from simplistic designs on gold/silver backing to a more “foiled” look with selected areas of metallic.

By using a combination of white ink in appropriate areas and usual CMYK colouring, you can achieve a high-quality metallic finish to specific areas of your design whilst leaving the other areas with a matt look.

Used creatively, these materials can add a real look of quality and finesse to your finished label.

Peal & Reveal

These are an innovative label style that provide a means to overcome the limited amount of space available on a bottle label. A peel & reveal label offers a multi-layer option whereby the top label can be peeled back to reveal extra copy underneath.

Peel & reveal labels are particularly useful for:

  • Multi-languages
  • Extra instructions additional product information
  • Nutritional information
  • Cross-promotion coupons and offers.

If you cannot fit the amount of information you need to on standard label sizing, then peel & reveal could be a suitable option.

Peal Leaflet/Booklet Labels

These offer a similar concept to peel & reveal labels but instead of having another label underneath your label can peel back to reveal a fold out booklet. Again, this allows maximisation of the space available for product copy.