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Label Design


All you need to get started are label designs for any products you want to promote in your own brand. You can either have your own designer create labels or have Nutribl do it for you – see our label design packages.

If having your own designers create labels for you then please make sure you have read our design specification guidelines to ensure the files you supply are formatted correctly.

Whichever design option you choose, once we have your label files we will upload them to your account ready for your online approval. Once approved by you the files are live and you are ready to start ordering – the label files will be allocated to your orders automatically dependent on the product SKUs you order.

Nutribl Label Design Services

If you choose to use the Nutribl design services we will work with you to develop a label brand and look which will be in line with your business vision and values. We will design a template built to your specifications to provide you with a unique brand label which you can be proud of.

We include 2 sets of design revisions to allow you to get things just how you want them. This should be more than enough for you to make any changes you need to the original concept we provide.

What you receive

  • A custom label design based on colours and style of your choosing.
  • Suggested label text files to ensure you can proof read your labels and be assured the information is correct and set out as it should be.***
  • A dedicated design co-ordinator to give you full support and guidance throughout the process.
  • Up to 2 sets of revisions to allow you to get the label you want. This is usually more than enough.
  • Rendered product image of a bottle with your label on it to use in your marketing. You can purchase additional images if you need them.

What we need to get started

  • A high-resolution copy of your logo. If you don’t have one we can design one for you. This will need to be done before we can do your labels.
  • Colour preferences – what colours are prominent in your vision for your brand? Be as specific as possible if you have strong preferences.
  • Examples of labels you like. If you have seen designs on the internet or in shops that you really like, please forward them to us. The more information we have the better we can match your vision to your design.
  • Business contact details - food supplement label legislation states that you should have a business name and address as a minimum. A post office box is acceptable as an address but a telephone number, e-mail address or web address is not an acceptable replacement on its own.
  • Barcodes - if you are going to be using barcodes we can provide a place holder place in your template for now. If you are planning on using Fulfilment By Amazon (FBA) then we can put the Amazon barcodes directly onto your product label instead of your own barcode.
  • Individual Label Images - if you want to us individual images to each label (e.g. an image of acai berries on an acai berry supplement) then you will need to provide royalty free images. Please see below advice on 'HEALTH CLAIMS' which applies to images as well as text.
  • A list of product(s) that you wish to have in your own brand. If you have not finalised your list it would be helpful to know at least one of the products so we can do your template in that product.
  • Unique product names - if there are any products that you want to give specific names to which would be unique to your business then please provide these. For single ingredient products this is not much of an issue but you will need your own names for specialist formulas.
  • Any other information you might want to give us. For example you might want to use tag lines, edit the descriptive text or bullet points on your labels. If so then please give us a list of text for each product*** If you wish to alter the descriptive text please be advised that this legally has to include "An indication of the names of the categories of nutrients or substances that characterise the product or an indication of the nature of the nutrients/substances".

*** The label template files we provide and the guidance given during the course of our business relationship is given to the best of our ability and based on our interpretation of labelling law. The guidance is purely advisory and the sole responsibility of placing products on the market, for their accurate labelling and regulatory compliant marketing lies with you - the client.

We would advise that you take some time to familiarise yourself further with food labelling legislation -

The Department of Health also have some useful guidelines

If you would like further assistance we can recommend an agency who specialises in label review and is approved by Trading Standards to do so. Please ask and we will be pleased to introduce you.