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Innovative Packaging

Although Nutribl work mostly with standard packaging types, including the very popular and innovative flat postal bottles, we can also offer various other packaging alternatives. Please note that our stock products are only offered at no minimum order quantity if supplied in the packaging advertised – alternative packaging would have to be done as a custom order and would be subject to MOQs of 100,000 capsules or tablets per product. 

Most of our stock formulas come as a flat mail packer but we do have a limited range of round bottle stock products with an MOQ of just 20 units. The packaging specification for each stock product can be seen on the product page.

Flat Mail Packers

The flat postal packs are what we use for the majority of our stock products. The advantage of these is that they are letterbox friendly and can be sent in singles as a large letter – thus providing lots of extra margin for mail orders.

These containers have to be induction heat sealed with a foil seal across the opening of the bottle and a clip-on lid on the top. Both the bottle and the lid are recyclable with majority of UK councils. The bottles are made from HDPE High-density polyethylene (plastic code 2) and the lids are PP Polypropylene (plastic code 5).

At present we only offer this bottle in white and in sizes of 150ml, 200ml and 320ml.

If you want packaging different to the flat mail packer packaging we offer with our stock lines, we can offer more bespoke options but these will have to be custom made specifically for you. The MOQ for custom packaging is at least 500 units per product line.

PET Bottles

These are round shaped cylinder bottles that are often used for supplements. The bottles come with a CT (continuous thread) neck finish and a Tamper Evident (TE) rim for a total protection of your product integrity.

Although mainly used in white, we can also offer PET bottles in black and transparent with white, black or chrome lids. PET bottles are available in various sizes from 100ml up to 400ml. We have a small range of stock products packed in white round PET bottles.