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Vegan Society Registration

Nutribl has a wide range of vegan friendly products, many of them pre-registered with the vegan society. The Vegan Society Trademark is registered in countries around the world and used worldwide on over 40,000 products. It represents the international standard for authentic vegan products - that makes it a good option for any company seeking to widen its appeal, extend its marketing and increase sales. 

For private label customers wanting to use the Vegan Society trademark there are 2 options.


You include our label details as the supplier and licensed trademark holder on the final product packaging. We would need to notify the Vegan Society of these private labels and they would need to add them to our account. This method wouldn’t require you to set up an account or pay any licensing fees to the Vegan Society. We charge a one-off fee of £50 per product line - you can see what this covers here. You would also be required to place an initial minimum order of 200 units per product line on the products you want to register 

To use this option you would be required to have your own brand label but you would need to include “supplied by Troo Health Care Ltd” in the manufacturing details of your label(s). The product(s) could then be marketed as Registered by the Vegan Society, with us named as the manufacturer/supplier and licence trademark holder on the product package. You can still also include your own contact details as the distributor and brand holder.

If you wish to use this option please confirm in writing:

1. ​Would the vegan products under your brand all be supplied by Nutribl? i.e. you are not getting vegan products from any other supplier?

2. Are all the products you are looking to register under your own brand already registered as Vegan under Nutribl’s account? i.e. are they all products on our list of those currently registered with the vegan society?

3. Provide a list of the products to be registered with the vegan society in your brand.

As long as all of the products you are marketing as vegan registered are supplied and already registered by Nutribl then this option can be used. This is a cheap way to do it but not ideal as obviously our company details would be referenced on your packaging.


If you don't want to mention our company on your labels then you would have to go to the Vegan Society and apply to open an account in your own name

Registration would involve paying a fee to the Vegan Society but this would be reduced based on the fact that the products will have already been checked when registered by Troo Health Care. There will be some costs incurred as you will be applying to use our intellectual property and this has to be done under your own Vegan Society licence, which you would have to pay for. The fee is calculated by the Vegan Society on application as it depends on the company turnover, number of products being registered etc.

In this instance your Vegan Society account will be entirely your responsibility to maintain and it is up to you to follow the registration guidelines you signup to in your agreement of license with the Vegan Society - this would include use of their logo and sign off of your artwork. It will be your responsibility to keep your registration up to date. If there are any product updates or re-formulations actioned by Nutribl then we will inform you and you should then action with the Vegan Society accordingly to ensure your own registration is up to date (this should be straightforward as we would have updated the formula on our own Vegan Society account anyway). 

Whichever way you choose you would need to abide by the Vegan Trademark Usage Guidelines.

PLEASE NOTE - you can still label your products as suitable for vegans (if applicable) without vegan society registration. All the registration does is allow you to use the Vegan Society logo and kudos associated with that. The products which are suitable for vegans can still be labelled as such without registration.