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Nutribl are delighted to be able to offer clients the option to dropship orders direct to any customers who have a shipping address within the UK.

Dropshipping is a method of fulfilment whereby a retailer does not rely on keeping stock of the items that they sell. In a dropship model, when a store sells a product it then purchases the item from a third party who ship it direct to their customer. As a result, the seller doesn’t have to handle the product directly.

Nutribl’s private label dropship service is ideal for any business that does not want to commit to holding stock or fulfilling orders. It is also a great way to quickly expand stock ranges or test new markets without investing significant amounts of capital – keeping your cashflow healthy!

How It Works

To take advantage of Nutribl’s dropshipping service you just need to follow 5 easy steps:

Step 1

Advertise your own brand private label products at a price you control. Put them on your website, eBay, Amazon, Facebook, on flyers in your shop or in your email newsletter – whichever channels suit your business model.

Step 2

When your customers place orders take their payment. This is now your working capital / your profits.

Step 3

Come to our website and login to your trade account. Upload your order(s) into your trade account using our convenient dropship order system. Simply input the details of each order into a spreadsheet and upload the file on your account page. You can choose from a selection of shipping methods. Check out our guide to uploading dropship orders.

Step 4

After upload your order file you will enter straight into the checkout area of our website. At this stage you will need to checkout and pay for your goods. We welcome payment by payment card or by direct bank transfer. Once you complete checkout and payment is complete your part is done.

Step 5

We pick, pack, label and post the orders direct to your customers. The packaging is discreet and no reference to Nutribl or any associated literature is included anywhere. We will email you a dispatch confirmation to let you know when your orders have shipped. Any orders placed before 2pm Monday to Friday will be shipped same day.

Step 6

Upon receipt of the dispatch email you can notify your customers that their order has shipped. Soon your customer will be delighted to be in possession of a high-quality product with your branding covering it.

Step 7

Scale your business quickly by leveraging your increasing customer base for repeat orders, cross-sells and referrals.

Benefits of Dropshipping

There are many reasons why dropshipping is an attractive option for businesses new and old.

1. Minimal Capital Investment

This is probably the biggest advantage to dropshipping as you can launch or grow a business without having to investing huge stock capital up front.

With the dropshipping model, there is no need for you to purchase a product unless you’ve already made a sale and have been paid by your customer. Essentially you get your working capital provided to you up front by your customers – leaving you with very little risk.

2. Easy to get manage

Running a business is much easier when you don’t have to purchase and distribute physical products. With dropshipping, you don’t have to worry about:

  • Managing or paying for a warehouse
  • Packing and shipping your orders
  • Tracking inventory
  • Handling returns and inbound shipments
  • Continually ordering products and managing stock level

3. Low overhead

Without inventory and warehousing costs your overhead expenses are going to be a lot lower. In fact, many successful dropshipping businesses are run as home-based businesses, requiring little more than a laptop and an internet connection.

4. Mobile

You can run a dropshipping business from just about anywhere with an internet connection. As long as you are able to communicate with suppliers and customers easily, you can run and manage your business.

5. Ready-made selection of products to sell

You can market as many products as you can find on a dropship basis. As Nutribl are continually expanding our range to test new markets you will always have opportunities to add new revenue streams.

6. Easy to test

Testing new markets and sales channels is made simple when dropshipping. There is virtually no risk to continually testing new opportunities and quickly finding what works for your business.

7. Scalability

As your business grows you won’t be distracted by the extra workload new orders brings. As Nutribl will be handling the warehousing and fulfilment of your orders you are free to focus on growth unimpeded.

PLEASE NOTE - Nutribl dropship is only available for UK delivery addresses.

Getting Started

To get started dropshipping your new private label supplement range all you need are label designs for the products you wish to promote. You can either have your own designer create labels or have Nutribl do it for you – see our label design page to discover how.